Your User ID,Password and Consignor Info has been saved to eliminate the need to re-enter your Consignor Info.
If you have any changes in Consignor Info click on Edit Info in upper right part of form.


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You can use this introductory guide to explore the forms. Enter data as you would be making consignments for a sale. When you have finished each type of consignment, go to the Summary  page and click on Cancel Entry by the items entered during the practice session. If you have a problem or want more information, call Clarence Cheshier (254-760-9914) or email clc@cheshierangus.com

The TAA Online Consignment Forms can be accessed from this link http://www.taasales.com or the link on the TAA Website. When you click on this link, you will see the Login form to provide your AAA account number and a password. You can assign any password you wish. Whatever you use, make a note so you will always have it handy. 

The first form is designed to record all of the necessary information to establish you as a Consignor in the Sale. Throughout the process you will see a red asterisk next to the description of the information requested. Nothing is requested other than what is required to properly and accurately handle your consignments. When you complete this form, clicking on SUBMIT will take you to the ADD ENTRY screen. Click on ADD ENTRY to begin making your consignments.

The next screen is the starting place for adding your initial and subsequent consignment(s). Select the type of Consignment you wish to make by clicking the button next to available choices.

Select the Vendor name if you have DNA test result data to enter. If not, click N/A.  When you select the DNA Test Vendor name, the result form for that Vendor will appear. Enter the data you have and N/A  in any space where you don't have data. Click on NEXT.

The type of Consignment you selected earlier will now determine which forms you will need to complete.  The forms are self-explanatory and request only the data for the type of Consignment you are making. Read each form very carefully and follow the instructions (especially if you are in a hurry). Note that each section has a place to check N/A for the entire section and eliminate the need to fill in each blank in that section. An example could be when you are asked for Progeny data for a cow or heifer that has no progeny, click once on N/A and move on.

In Section 10 , you will be asked if you will want to provide a picture of the Lot you are consigning.  If you do not have the picture on file, click on NO and you can provide the picture with a supplemental filing.  If you are ready to submit your picture, click on YES and you will be asked to click on Browse and go to the location and filename of the picture. (This works just like making an attachment on an email)

Last, but certainly most importantly, you are asked to provide the data exactly like you want it to appear in the footnotes in the Sale Book. Hint: It helps most to provide any pertinent information you have that is not otherwise available to the prospective buyer. If you are like me, ask a knowledgeable friend to assist you with your footnotes if you are not sure of what may be of most interest to a prospective buyer.

Next you will click on SUBMIT to complete this filing. If anything was overlooked that is required, you will be reminded to complete that item. Otherwise, you will receive a Thank You for your Consignment. You will also see a box in the upper right corner labeled Summary

Click on Summary and you will  go to the Summary screen where there is a list of Consignments you have completed.  To the right of each consignment, you will see a box marked *Export PDF*. This will cause a copy of the associated Consignment to be printed  to a file as you direct or a paper copy. You can wait until you have completed all of your Consignments and print all your copies at one time.

You will also see the label *Edit* for each Consignment. If you want to review you data, click on Edit, follow instructions and you can review the forms. When finished with your review, click submit again to go to Summary and Logout. 

The Selection screen shows the September 29, 2012 Sale Date and the July 15, 2012 Closing Date for making your Nominations for the sale.

All supplemental data that becomes available, i.e. Preg Check info, Calf sex or birth date, DNA test and so forth, data must be filed by the July 27, 2012 closing date to appear in the Sale Book.

All supplemental data that becomes available after the July 27, 2012 closing date, i.e. Preg Check info, Calf sex or birth date, DNA test and so forth, should be brought to the Sale Office, in written form, when you arrive at the sale, to be compiled and be available at the Sale.

If you have any questions concerning Sale nominations, call Wendell Gibson, Sale Chairman. At 817-304-0312 or email to  wendell@bobbycox.com.

We want to express our appreciation to Steve Haviland, Managing Partner - Southwestern R&D LLC, in Wichita Falls, TX for his patience and creative assistance in making our ideas happen.

Let's all remember, there is always a price to pay for progress. By automating the handling of thousands of pieces of data, the closing date for entries takes on a new significance. There is probably not a one of us that hasnít been guilty in the past of forgetting to send in our consignments, or otherwise not getting our information in by closing time. When the closing date arrives, the system goes into a Supplemental mode. This enables the correlation of all of the necessary changes and  additions of data for entries in the system. Important things like a calf being born and its sex, preg check being positive, DNA tests results arriving and all sorts of things that need to be updated for the entries in the system. The critical dates are shown throughout the system to help you remember these dates.    The reason for our new system is to help reduce the sale expense for our members. Your understanding and cooperation  will help accomplish our goal in this regard.

Please read this software compatibility notice.

There is a notice on the sign in screen concerning software compatibility. Click on the access links for the software providers where you can get current versions of the required software at no cost if your software is not up-to-date. We apologize for any inconvenience if you are required to update your software but it will be beneficial to you in the future.

 If you have any questions or want more information on completing your Consignments you can call  Clarence Cheshier at 254-760-9914 or email clc@cheshierangus.com. Thank you for supporting and participating in the Texas Angus Association Consignment Sales.


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